Are You Productive?

We all think we’re productive, yet judging from the looks of our “IN” basket, there are days when it sure doesn’t feel like it. Well… thankfully, “There’s an APP for that!”

Here are 5 Productivity Hacks that will increase your productivity – guaranteed.

EVERNOTE: designed for note-taking, archiving files, and organizing. Notes can be a piece of formatted text, a webpage excerpt or full web page. It can also be anything you can think of like a photo, voice note or scanned file. Notes can also have file attachments. Evernote is free, easy to use, and integrates with many other apps including Google Drive, Asana and MailChimp.

GOOGLE DRIVE: is cloud storage and so much more. You can access your files from anywhere in the world, using any application, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop. You can invite others to share, view or collaborate on files, and updates are in real time. Google Drive is free, easy to use, and integrates well with many other applications.

ASANA: is project management software. You and your team can take on big projects, assign tasks and set due dates. You’ll get updates as the tasks get done. You can message each other, save files and change the view to a Kanban board to optimize your workflow. Asana is free, easy to use, and integrates easily with Slack, Chrome, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive, to name a few.

LEADPAGES: is a leading landing pages builder that helps you collect leads and customer contacts using landing pages, pop-up forms, email, text messaging and social media. It is not free; however, it’s worth the minimum investment of $37/mo USD. Leadpages integrates well with all leading applications.

SYSTEMIZE & THRIVE: Virtual eAdmin is a virtual support team who specializes in creating systems and procedures for busy entrepreneurs and executives. The applications listed above are all used by our team and we teach our clients how to use these applications to become more productive. We’re currently revamping our website, however, you can check us out on our Facebook page at Systemize & Thrive.